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We specialise in creating beautiful timber decking, screens and fences.


A deck in your backyard is one of those places you take your friends, have a barbecue, and generally just chill out. When planned well and built properly it can be the pride and joy of your home.  Planned and built poorly, it can be nothing more than an eyesore decomposing under the harshness of the sun and rain!

We help you to open your home to the outside and create a space that can be enjoyed throughout the year….

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Timber Decking

We can advise you on the different types of pool decking timbers available, the cost and advantages and disadvantages of each.

Pool Decking

A well built timber deck around your pool will help you enjoy the pool for many years to come.

Screens and Fences

Smart screens and fences built from beautiful timber will bring up the look and feel of your property while being functional.

How It Works

These Are The Steps

These steps outlined below are the process for going from enquiry to having a beautifully completed timber project at your home.


1. Submit Enquiry

Contact us via phone, email or online form submission.


2. Quote

We'll arrange to have a quote produced so you know what to expect.


3. Work Begins

Once you are happy with the quote, work will begin.


4. Completion

We'll continue to work on your project until we reach a happy completion.


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Tips and Advice For You

Know Where to Put Your Deck

Know Where to Put Your Deck

Although the backyard may be the obvious choice – it may be that out the front or around the side might be a better choice. There is a lot to consider. A better option might be a series of landings or wide steps cascading down to ground level. We take everything into...

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Decking Ripples, How Important Are They?

Decking Ripples, How Important Are They?

This is a subject that is always a hot topic for conversation because sometimes the answers can vary from its better for cleaning if the ripples are down, as if the ripples are up sand will get stuck in the ripples and make it hard to clean and also wear out the...

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Using 2nd Hand Floorboards For a Deck is Bad

Using 2nd Hand Floorboards For a Deck is Bad

Recently I had the privilege of going out and quoting on a deck that had been laid only 1 year ago , the woman was a single mum and worked fulltime supporting 3 kids under the age of 15 , and had worked hard enough to save a bit of cash so as to put a deck around her...

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If you're considering getting some timber work done at your property or need some advice about some older decking work, please reach out and ask your questions. We're more than happy to help.

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